2022 June 14

Copy all open tabs urls

  • On the adress bar, type: about:preferences#home
  • On “Homepage and new windows”, choose “Custom URLs”
  • Below the input box, press “Use Current Pages” button.
  • The input box will have a list of all open urls, separated by |. Copy it to your clipboard with <C-a><C-c>.
  • Open vim or another editor and replace the “|” character for a new line ("\r" on vim).

Console mode


[shift] [F2]

Console mode commands:

$ eyedropper (grabs the color of any element on the page)
$ screenshot my_output_file.png --fullpage (takes a screenshot of the whole page, saving it to your "Downloads" folder).
$ screenshot file.png --selector 'body' (can get just the html element you want)
$ screenshot file.png --dpr 2 --selector #image01 (magnifies the image of the html element 2 times)
$ screenshot file.png --dpr 0.5 --selector #image01 (reduces the image of the html element by half - can be used to add a "pixelization" effect)
$ screenshot file.png --selector body --delay 5 --clipboard (delay of 5 seconds and send it to clipboard)
$ resize to 1024 768 (open a "responsive design" window)

Videos (e.g. YouTube) on “fake fullscreen” - e.g. inside a tiling window manager’s container

about:config => full-screen-api.ignore-widgets (change to "true")