2022 May 9
  • What is a hash function? It maps different keys to different slots in an array.

  • What is a collision? It is when two or more keys are assigned to the same array slot/index.

  • What is one of the ways to solve colisions? To start a linked list at the collision slot.

  • What is the most appropriate size for a linked list inside a hash table? The smallest one possible, because large linked lists slow down a hash table.

  • What makes a good hash function? . Maps each key to a single slot/index on the array . Distributes keys in the array evenly to avoid collisions when empty slot/indexes are available. . If there are linked lists inside the array they are the smallest possible.

  • What is the real meaning of O₍₁₎? It means constant time. It means the time to do an operation (search, insert or delete) will always take the same time.

  • What is the Big-O notation average case on hash tables? O₍₁₎: For searching, as fast as arrays. For inserts and deletes, as fast as linked lists.

  • What is the Big-O notation worst case on hash tables? O₍n₎: For searching, slower than arrays. For inserts and deletes, slower than linked lists.

  • What do you needd to avoid the worst case with hash tables? You need a low load factor and a good hash function.

  • What is the load factor of a hash table? It is the proportion that elements are distributed on an array. It is calculated this way: number-of-items-inside-the-array/length-of-the-array.

  • What is the load factor of an array with length=5, and 2 elements on the array? 2/5 = 0.4.

  • What is the load factor of an array with length=50, and 100 elements on the array? 100/50 = 2.

  • What is the resizing operation on a hash table? It is when you add more slots/indexes to the hash table.

  • How do you resize a hash table?

  1. Create a bigger array (recommended double the size of the original)
  2. Re-inset the items in the new hash table using the hash function.
  • What is the benefit of a low load factor? Fewer collisions, and the hash table will perform better.

  • When it is recommended to resize a hash table to perform better? When the load factor gets greater than 0.7.

  • What is the downside of too much resizing on a hash table? Resizing arrays can take lot of time. But, on average hash tables take O₍₁₎ even considering resizing.

  • What is the example of a good hash function? SHA.

  • What else are hash tables good for, besides storing elements? To model relationships between items.

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