2022 April 26
  • What is a recursive technique that can be used to solve problems? Divide-And-Conquer.

  • What is an algorithm that makes use of the Divide-And-Conquer technique? Quicksort.

  • What are the 2 steps of solving a problem with the Divide-And-Conquer technique?

  1. Figure out the base case (the simplest case)
  2. Divide or decrease the problem until you reach the base case.
  • Is Divide-And-Conquer an algorithm? No. It is a way to think about a problem.

  • When you have a recursive function that operates on an array, what is generally the base case? An empty array or an array with 1 element.

  • On which language paradigm is recursion needed, since there are no loops? Functional programming.

  • What is the name of a functional programming language (that leverages recursion)? Haskell.

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