2022 April 11
  • What is big-O notation? Big-O notation tells how fast an algorithm is. That is measured by the number of operations on the worst-case scenario.

  • What are the common trade-offs on choosing an algorithms? Speed (how fast it is) and correctness (how easy it is to implement with less errors).

  • What is the difference between simple search and binary search? Since simple search needs to search on all elements in the worst case, the bigger the list the more it will take to run. Binary search, otherwise, will only add a small amount of extra time for bigger lists.

  • What do you need to know to choose wisely between algorithms? How long it takes to run and how much time increases when the list increases.

  • What is the big-O notation for simple search algorithm? O₍n₎ - for a list with n elements, it will take “n” operations.

  • What is the big-O notation for binary search algorithm? O₍log n₎ - for a list with n elements, it will take “log n” operations.

  • What is the “traveling salesperson” problem? You have a salesperson that needs to go to x cities, traveling the minimum distance.

  • What is the big-O notation for the “traveling salesperson” problem? O₍n!₎ - the slowest possible. It is one of the unresolved problems in computer science. The bigger the number of cities, higher the complexity.

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