Lock and/or downgrade packages on arch linux

Sometimes we want some packages to not be upgraded, or to downgrade them to previous versions. Here is how to do that. Read...

This is my “second brain”.

It is automatically generated on my writing workflow which leverages git and github, neovim and lua, some python and bash scripts and hugo as a static site generator.

Most of the content here is somewhat related to:

  • software development (lots of python, my primary language)
  • Linux and related software/tooling
  • automation

On Posts I write medium to long-length sized posts.

On Shorts I write short notes or insights.

On Bibliographic Notes I write notes on articles, books, YouTube videos and others. Each one has the link to the original material.

On Flashcards I write flashcards on content I want to remember (e.g. algorithms, data structures).

On Glossary I keep track of some common terms/concepts related to software engineering (SOLID, CORS, etc…)

On Recommendations there is a list of tutorials, libraries, podcasts, YouTube channels etc that I consume regularly and could be useful to other developers, from all seniority levels.

On tags you can filter all content related to a given subject (posts, shorts, etc…).

On author you can see my Technology Radar and my resume/curriculum (you can see or download it as a PDF file).

Thank you for visiting, I hope the content here can also help you!